Flash version of American football

Do you love football and everything related to it? If so, then Return Man 4 is just the game for you. It is the latest version of the immensely popular flash game based on American Football, developed by ESPN in the year 2014.
What Is It?

Return Man 4 also known as Linebacker is a premium flash game based around American Football, in this case played from the perspective of the defense. The objective of the game is quite simply to run as fast as possible and catch the man with the ball, before he can reach the finish line. At the same time, it is about avoiding getting caught by the enemy teams catchers by means of fighting them.

Return Man 4 Linebacker - Play OnlineHow Difficult Is It To Complete This Game Successfully?
The difficulty level of the game is strictly progressive, meaning that it becomes harder the further on one advances within the levels of the game. However, throughout the game several helpful elements are made available as well, including new moves, the ability to run even faster as well as new, efficient and reliable teammates. That being said, it should be noted that successful completion of all the levels included within the game will require rather advanced skills.

Controls Of The Game
* For moving around, the arrow buttons on the computer keyboard can be used. Alternatively, I,J,K and L buttons may also be used to this end.
* To perform a dive tackle (or continue), use the space bar.
* M button will mute the game.

Special Moves
* A button: Swim
* S button: Shuck
* D button: Bull rush

Additional Features
On the top of the screen is the scoreboard, citing the amount of defensive stands remaining at any given point in time. These will reduce every time the player loses one. For this reason, it is important to follow the alerts and score board before clicking play. At the very beginning, the rules of the game are clearly explained, and these can also be referenced further on during the various stages of the game. Reoccurring pop-up announcements will give details relating to the player´s current status within the game.

Return Man 4/Linebacker - Play OnlineConclusion
Return Man 4 Linebacker is clearly a highly advanced flash game, based on a uniquely defensive concept of American Football. This latest edition in the very successful series produced by ESPN is at the same time elegant in its utter simplicity, but also advanced in features and progressive in difficulty. Everybody knows that the ever-popular sport of American Football is always a sure-fire staple within any sport gamer´s selection, and this game should definitely be experienced and enjoyed by anyone who loves sports and flash games.